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Easily Back Up Windows with Ubuntu Live

On the job over the past couple years, I’ve developed a really solid workflow for backing up Windows computers quickly and reliably. It’s so fast and easy that we make full system backups before we attempt any potentially destructive job … Continue reading

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DIY USB Wii Sensor Bar

I recently connected a PC to my TV and decided that it would be cool if I could use my Wii remotes with it. I’ll spare you the details of getting my Wii remote to act as an input device … Continue reading

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A Day with HTML 5 -or- I Can’t Believe It Validates!

I just spent some time with HTML5. To be more specific, I just rewrote my favorite Rails app in HTML5. It was like a dream! It took me back to a simpler time… When you can reduce this: <div id="footer"> … Continue reading

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