Render a template from a hash in Ruby

A hash is a great way to manage a list of key/value pairs, and templates are a great way to render content. So here’s a simple way to render a template from a hash.


My favorite color is <%= favorite_color %>.


require 'erb'
require 'ostruct'

opts ={
  :favorite_color => ARGV[0]

template = open('template.erb', 'r') {|f|}
puts {binding})

So running

ruby render.rb blue

will output this

My favorite color is blue.

Which is cool. The interesting parts (and the reason I’m writing this) are that you need to instantiate a new OpenStruct from your hash so that its members can be accessed as methods, and then you have to set the binding for ERB by saying opts.instance_eval {binding}. This runs binding in the context of the opts object, so then calls to methods like favorite_color made by ERB in this context will evaluate to the values of our hash.

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