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Request Tracker Watchdog

I recently upgraded from Request Tracker 3.8.0 to 4.0.2 and started running it with FastCGI. Works great except for the odd Bad Gateway message from nginx (still haven’t figured that one out). While v4 makes a lot of improvements over … Continue reading

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Keep Page Elements the Same Height with jQuery

Many times I have wanted to keep multiple elements on a page the same height. You can use CSS’s display:table and its friends for this, but it doesn’t work very well in IE. You can add conditional tags for IE, … Continue reading

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Framework-Free Automatic Brush Loading for SyntaxHighlighter

Update: Have you heard of SyntaxHighlighter? It’s pretty cool. I like that it adds little controls for popping the code out into a new window in plain text and that it has line numbers. However, I think that these days … Continue reading

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Sanitizing File Names with Ruby

At work, I ran into a problem wherein I was copying files from one filesystem (FAT32) to another (NTFS), and there were file names with characters that were legal in the first, but not the second. I wrote a Ruby … Continue reading

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