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The “Easy Way” to Add Custom DNS Servers in Ubuntu

Goal Just add a goddamned nameserver to Ubuntu. I have lxc, and I want to ssh to my containers without knowing their IPs or starting them in the foreground. Is that so hard?! Solution Install dnsmasq. sudo apt-get install -y … Continue reading

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Clone Ubuntu VMs in VirtualBox

Update: I found a permanent workaround for the udev ethernet interface problem. See this post. I installed Ubuntu from mini.iso and I want to make several copies. What are the potential pitfalls? Well, the only real problem is that if … Continue reading

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Dropbox: Unable to monitor filesystem

Have you seen this while using Dropbox in Linux? Unable to monitor filesystem Please run: echo 100000 | sudo tee /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches and restart Dropbox to correct the problem. Apparently, Linux is imposing some kind of default restriction of the number … Continue reading

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Run Sinatra App in a Subdirectory with Rack::Builder.map

Thank god I found Tanner Burson’s blog. I was about to explode. I recommend reading Tanner’s original post, but the short answer is that you want Rack to do some routing for you via Rack::Bundler.map. Here is a super simple … Continue reading

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Develop Multiple Websites by Adding Hosts File Entries

Background I work on multiple websites. My workflow goes like this: Pull latest changes into my local repository (I use Git) Make changes Test changes on locally running web server Push changes to remote repository Pull changes into live site … Continue reading

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Swap 2-Finger and 3-Finger Tap in Linux

When I upgraded my netbook from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, I quickly noticed that they had flipped the functionality of 2-finger and 3-finger tapping. I need middle-click (3rd mouse button) functionality far more often than I need right-click, and by … Continue reading

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Shift + Scroll = Horizontal Scroll in Linux

Firefox kept going back and forward when I used my favorite Shift + mouse wheel scroll combo to try to scroll horizontally. It was driving me mad. After some rigorous googling, I found a Stack Overflow question, which suggested that … Continue reading

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