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Enable Hibernate on the System76 Lemur Ultra (lemu4)

I got a System76 Lemur Ultra (codename lemu4), and I love it! The build quality is a little so-so (the faux-metal plastic is kind of bendy, and, well, plastic), but I wasn’t expecing a MacBook. One of my favorite things … Continue reading

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The “Easy Way” to Add Custom DNS Servers in Ubuntu

Goal Just add a goddamned nameserver to Ubuntu. I have lxc, and I want to ssh to my containers without knowing their IPs or starting them in the foreground. Is that so hard?! Solution Install dnsmasq. sudo apt-get install -y … Continue reading

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Installing XBMC on Ubuntu 12.04 on an Acer Aspire Revo 1600

Install Nvidia Current Updates You want the Nvidia binary blob drivers to squeeze every bit of performance out of this Ion LE chipset so you can watch videos in 1080p on a $200 turd computer. sudo apt-get install -y nvidia-current-updates … Continue reading

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Quickie: Fix Missing “Downloads” Icons in Chrome/Chromium

Have you run across this bug? It’s not a huge deal, but in Ubuntu, you generally get broken icons on the Chrome/Chromium Downloads tab. There are related bug reports here and here, but I don’t see any movement on this. … Continue reading

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Prevent Virtual Machines from Saving Network Interface udev Rules

I use a lot of VirtualBox VMs. A problem that I have frequently is that when cloning an Ubuntu VM and changing its MAC address is that it won’t be able to initialize the network (as seen in a previous … Continue reading

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Run Wireshark as Non-Privileged User in Ubuntu

This has been annoying me for a while, so I researched it. I wrongfully submitted a bug to Launchpad, and finally was directed to an answer. It was bugging me that there was no simple way to add a gksu … Continue reading

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Print Special Characters in Ubuntu

I was recently trying to send an email with the word résumé in it, but I couldn’t get my keyboard to input the characters I wanted without bringing up a character map. Here’s how you get your keyboard to print … Continue reading

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Easily Back Up Windows with Ubuntu Live

On the job over the past couple years, I’ve developed a really solid workflow for backing up Windows computers quickly and reliably. It’s so fast and easy that we make full system backups before we attempt any potentially destructive job … Continue reading

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Swap 2-Finger and 3-Finger Tap in Linux

When I upgraded my netbook from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, I quickly noticed that they had flipped the functionality of 2-finger and 3-finger tapping. I need middle-click (3rd mouse button) functionality far more often than I need right-click, and by … Continue reading

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Shift + Scroll = Horizontal Scroll in Linux

Firefox kept going back and forward when I used my favorite Shift + mouse wheel scroll combo to try to scroll horizontally. It was driving me mad. After some rigorous googling, I found a Stack Overflow question, which suggested that … Continue reading

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